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  1. Upgraded Gallop Motor
  • High rotating speed and high torque with a high power of 1800W-1875W
  • Upgraded AC motor that is 600g lighter than traditional hair dryers, reducing the burden on your shoulder when using
  1. Three Temperature & Two Speed Settings
  • Three temperature settings (Hot/Warm/Cool), two speed settings (Fast/Slow) and one cold air shot
  • Adjustable temperature and speeds, ability to avoid heat damage
  • Use lower settings for styling and higher temperature settings for powerful drying
  • Cool Shot button – Finish and set your hairstyle with a burst of cold air
  1. Constant Temperature Protection & Hydra Anion Conservation
  • U-shaped heating wire to distribute heat evenly, keeps the temperature constant, and quickly dries the hair while preventing the heat from damaging the hair, so that it does not frizz after blowing
  • Releases hair care ions, nourishes hair in depth, and repairs hair scales
  1. Overheat Protection & Low Electro Magnetic Field
  • Dual current / fuse configuration
  • Low magnetic wave structure saves energy (low radiation) – reduce electromagnetic field radiation by more than 50% than similar 1400-1600W hair dryer
  1. Detachable rear filter
  • Double-safety removable filter which prevents hair from getting sucked into the blow dryer
  • Facilitate timely clean-up

• Negative Ioniser
• 3 Attachments: 2 Nozzles + 1 Volume Diffuser
• SG 3-PIN Plug

Made in China.

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