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Air Sanitising On-the-Go

A filterless germicidal ioniser and purifier, AFL Car Sanifier® cleans and sanitises both the air and surfaces in your car, while protecting your loved ones and you against PM2.5, allergies, flu, asthma and hay fever. Scientifically proven, certified and tested to eliminate 99.9% of impurities such as dust, dust mites, pollen, bacteria (including MRSA), viruses (including Coronavirus), PM2.5, pet dander, pet smells, food smells and cigarette smoke in your car.

  • AFLPCO® & AFL Plasma® Technology
  • NASA Developed Technology
  • Safe for Children & Pets
  • Brand Origin: United Kingdom
  • 1 Year Warranty*

*Terms and conditions apply.


AFLPCO® Technology

An inbuilt UVC lamp shines on the nano metal catalyst which produces an array of different negative ions (superoxide ions and hydroxyl radicals) which collide into impurities and destroy them by deactivating their DNA, causing them to be unable to multiply.

AFL PLASMA® Technology

A mix of positive and negative electrodes are produced, splitting the molecules into negative ions (OH2-) that not only destroy impurities but sanitise surfaces as well.

Size (mm) 71 x 70 x 151
Weight (g) 110
Power Consumption (w) 1
Area Covered (sqm) 10 – 15
Technology AFLPCO® & AFL PLASMA®
Protection Eradicate Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), viruses, bacteria, fungi, mould, odours related to pets, smoke, cleaning chemicals

Product Warranty

Terms & Conditions

• Warranty of product is limited to manufacturing defect
• Warranty of the product will be null and void if:
– The product is damaged physically
– The product is modified or disassembled

Other Terms & Conditions apply.

Safety Precautions

When operating any electrical appliance, basic precaution should always be followed for safety purposes.

1. Do not use outdoors.

2. Do not use the unit in areas of extreme heat or in the presence of flammable gas.

3. Do not attempt to service or repair the unit yourself. Any attempt to repair the unit yourself could cause serious injury and will void the warranty.

4. Do not wash the machine & do not handle the wires or appliances with wet hands. 

5. Do not use damaged or uninsulated wires if appliance is not working properly.

6. When not in use for long periods of time, please shut down the machine and wipe it clean. Then place it in a cool ventilated place to dry.

7. Do not drop the product from high places, knock hard or press the product with firm pressure.

8.  For your safety, do not tamper with or attempt to adjust the product whilst driving.

  1. Jayern Woo

    Verified Owner

    The power supplied by the USB at the back of the sanifier is powerful enough for my massage chair in my car. My kids are also now more active during car journey than the past.

  2. Daven Liang

    Verified Owner

    The sanifier even kills my car scent. I do not need to buy car scent anymore. The 99% kills odours really worked.

  3. Shawn Ng

    Verified Owner

    I feel fresher and energetic even driving for 8 hours non-stop. I even shared with my passenger that they are safe from virus, bacteria and even coronavirus. My ratings went up to 5 stars

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