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Featuring minimalistic 12 Zodiac Chopsticks

Material of whole chopstick: PPS + Fibreglass

What is PPS?

PPS chopsticks are not so-called stainless steel, iron or aluminum chopsticks. The real PPS chopsticks are made from materials synthesized from “polymer materials” and “glass fibers”. This material is used extensively in modern high-end science.

High-end fiberglass composite materials are mainly used in artificial prostheses and some artificial organs in the medical field; high-end and high-end applications in satellites, rockets, aircraft parts and parts of the aerospace industry, including computers, televisions, auto parts, and accessories High-priced bicycles, etc. are used in many modern technologies and industrial fields.

1. Material safety and hygiene: PPS chopsticks have passed the national food-grade health safety test.

2. Non-adhesive, more durable: because the surface of the chopsticks is not adsorbed, so the chopsticks are not easily eroded and become old (the chopsticks will be brighter and brighter after a long time).

3. Non-adsorbing, easy to clean: no need to wash detergent when cleaning, as long as it is soaked in warm water, cleaned with a clean rag and then placed in a high-temperature disinfection cabinet sterilization will truly achieve clean, hygienic and refreshing.

4. Toughness, high-temperature resistance, no bending, no deformation.

5. Anti-slip: straight and straight chopsticks are difficult to compare with chopsticks made of other materials, so the anti-slip effect of PPS chopsticks has always been the best.

Made in China

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