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  • Complimentary R&D-based lumbar support
  • Delivery, assembly and dust cover
  • Automotive-grade upholstery
  • Made in Singapore
  • 5-year Peel & Crack-free Guarantee
  • 3-year Warranty* on abnormal discolouration or loose stitching


  • Automotive-grade Upholstery

Engineered and manufactured by Transcal, with over 3 decades of experience in the automotive, aviation and rail soft trim industry. The OEM for automotive and aviation brands such as Honda, Recaro and Emirates.

  • Automotive-grade Foam and Fame

Designed by Transcal and manufactures by Golden Dragon Auto Seat, a subsidiary if Tan Chong International Limited. 55kg/m3 foam and SPHC:Q235 Steel.

  • R&D-based Lumbar Support

Statistically-engineered lumbar support created based on the study designing comfort by the ARUP Group. Foam and upholstery manufactured in Singapore.

  • Full-Length Backrest Recline

Tired after decimating the competition? Recline up to 165 degree to enjoy the nap you deserve, the perfect combination of ergonomics and comfort.

  • 4D Armrests

Fully adjustable armrest to ensure optimal comfort. Adjust up and down, forward and back, left and right and angled left and right. Slick chrome finish.

  • Class 4 Hydraulics

Adjust the height of your chair with confidence with our class 4 hydraulics.

  • Aluminum-alloy Base

70cm in diameter for added stability and durability

  • Chrome 65mm Wheels

Custom-made by Royale Ergonomics and manufactured in Taiwan. Glide effortlessly across hardwood and marble flooring.


Assembly Requirement Delivered assembled (within Singapore)
Foam 55kg/m3 automotive-grade moulded foam
Frame SPHC: Q235

Wire Frame: A3

Wire Rod: W195

Armrest 4D Armrest 9height, width, and angle adjustable)
Swivel Frog Mechanism with multi-tilt, rocking, and locking functionality
Reclining Mechanism 85 to 165 degree
Gas Lift Class 4 gas lift (6cm height adjustable)
Star Base Aluminium alloy
Castors Chrome-plated PU/Nylon wheels
Lumbar Support Automotive-grade foam and upholstery
Weight Approximately. 25kg
Weight Capacity 125kg
Recommended Height 155cm to 195cm

Product Warranty

Terms & Conditions

Warranty information
Peel-free & Crack-free Guarantee

  1. The warranty covers the seat upholstery against any peeling and abnormal cracking under normal usage conditions for 5 years.

Upholstery Warranty
1. The proof of purchase must be presented for any claims or after-sales services.

  1. The warranty covers the seat upholstery against any abnormal discoloration and unfastening of the stitches under normal usage conditions for 36 months. In the event of any claim, our liability shall be limited to repair and make good of the defective area. Due to aging, there will be slight differences in color tones and grains for such repairs.
  2. Variations in the grain and presence of scar marks are normal for genuine leather and should not be constructed as a defect.
  3. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from accidental damages, misuse or any manner of tampering including the use of harsh cleaning chemicals and cleaning cloth with abrasive texture.
  4. The warranty shall be null and void if unauthorized repair, tampering, alterations or modifications is made to the product.

Other Parts Warranty

* applicable for armrest, mechanisms, chair base, hydraulics, and wheels

  1. Proof of purchase must be presented for any claims and after-sales services

The warranty covers the following for a period of 36 months:

  1. Missing parts upon delivery
  2. Major defects in the armrest, mechanisms, chair base, hydraulics, and wheels, resulting in the inoperability of the chair.
  3. A significant difference between the promised product and the delivered product.
  4. For defects and missing parts upon delivery, please contact us within 14 days of receiving the product.

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