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This portable food warmer comes with double plastic food containers. The 500ml thermal pot is bright yellow decorated with famous drawings of peace doves designed by renowned artist Pablo Picasso.

The food warmer helps to preserve food in its original flavor and nutrients and keeps food warm for 6 hours. The double plastic containers inside to separate food (Rice and dishes). Spill-proof design with double-layered vacuum insulation helps retain food’s temperature and continues cooking process without the use of electricity or gas to save energy. Light and portable.

Comes with a gift box.

14 x 20.5 x 14 cm

About Picasso and The Dove of Peace (La Colombe De La Paix)
Pablo Picasso was a Spanish artist and is one of the world’s most famous of the 19th century. In 1949 Picasso drew the famous Dove of Peace on the occasion of his accession to the World Peace Council. He received an international peace prize in 1955.

The story began with a traditional, realistic picture of a snow-white Milanese pigeon presented to him by his great friend and rival, the French artist Henri Matisse. He later developed this image into a simple, graphic line drawing that is one of the world’s most recognizable symbols of peace.





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